Privacy Policy

Third Parties

Treechat will never share or sell your personal information to advertizers or third parties except for the third-party infrastructure we use to provide our service. These include Heroku application hosting, Google Analytics, and, in the future, potentially other services we will use to implement and improve the Treechat application.

Login Info

If you choose to register as a user with Treechat we will store your email and encrypted password, or in the case of an omniauth login, your social media handle and temporary token.


Treechat provides a publishing platform for users and stores the content they publish.

Chrome Extension

Treechat Chrome Extension enables users to save their searches as "search tags" and attach them to the answers they find as they conduct online research. Treechat stores the answers and associated search tags for later retrieval by users.

Data Transmission

All of the above data is encrypted and transmitted securely over https.


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