Create Valuable Knowledge

An Infinitely-Threaded Social Knowledge Base with BitcoinSV Microtransactions

Multiplex Problem

Our chat apps are black holes of information, because...

Chat apps mix messages from different conversation threads into a single-dimensional UI:

When messages are returned as search results, the conversation they were a part of can't be recovered. This means...

Your conversations can't be mined for valuable knowledge.

Infinite Threading

The solution to the multiplex problem is to model your conversations as infinitely-branching threads...

Conversations get their own threads, so you can find them:

Being able to find your conversations turns them into knowledge assets, rather than ephemeral experiences.

Search is Writing

Knovigator puts search results at your fingertips, as you write, making it easy to re-use valuable messages.

In Knovigator, every writing prompt is also a search bar.

You can search for, and quote, the best messages without ever leaving the thread you are writing.

But how do you know which messages are best?

BitcoinSV Upvalue

Anyone can upvalue messages with tiny amounts of the BitcoinSV cryptocurrency.

Upvaluing is like upvoting but with money.

When you upvalue messages you reward the creator and boost their ranking in search results.

In this way, Knovigator is a curation game for identifying the most valuable content.

Social Knowledge Base

We are constantly going down rabbit holes, growing digital gardens, and synthesizing our thinking through writing.

How can we combine forces?

How can we make it so that my rabbit hole becomes the inspiration to your great novel? Or that your written note becomes the key that unlocks my riddle?

How can we be rewarded for good taste?

Knovigator's answer is to turn our conversations into re-usable knowledge that can be valued by Knovigator users in real time.

The prioritization of human attention through Upvalue.

Join us.