Research together.

Knovigator empowers you to capture, share, and discuss the research and learning you're doing to create your best possible product.

The Why

Keeping good notes of your reading and research is a powerful way to enhance your cognition and effectiveness as a knowledge worker. Unfortunately the vast majority of the notes we save are never seen again.

Knovigator is a threaded note taking and research tool with the powerful ability to automatically search your existing knowledge base whenever you begin a new thread of writing or research.

Knovigator allows you to write notes and save research with the confidence that you will read them at the most relevant time, when you're writing about a related topic.

How it works...

Knovigator notes are called "quests". Quests are public threads of short posts with the first post representing the title, or summary, of the rest of the thread.

As you begin writing the title for a new quest, Knovigator searches your previous quests in real time, immediately displaying the results.

This allows you to review any of your existing, relevant notes at the moment when you are working on your task, whether you are learning something new, writing something down for later, or brainstorming ideas.


Knovigator's goal is to enhance cognition by harnessing information overload rather than letting it sweep us away.

Much of the information we see lacks real value, and is purposefully engineered to steal our most precious resource: our attention.

Knovigator enables you to grow a personal knowledge base that delivers the right information at the right time, supercharging the most powerful tool at your disposal: your mind.

In the process, you will be curating the internet for others in the community so everyone can benefit from the knowledge work you do everyday.