Curate + Share Search Results

Create threads of your best search queries and search results. Remix into blog posts, twitter threads, and multi dimensional, asynchronous conversation.


In a world of information overload and collapsing trust in authority, the responsibility to learn and spread truth falls squarely on us as individuals.

Many of us already do the research necessary to find the most accurate information in our personal and professional lives, but we haven't had a good way of capturing it, or sharing it.

Many times a day, we do the valuable knowledge work of composing a good search query and curating the best search results. Then, we close our tab and lose much of the value we've created forever.

We built Knovigator because we wanted a better way to reference, share and discuss the research we were doing anyway, so we could harness the information flood instead of drowning in it.

How it works...

Most bookmarking and note taking tools fail because they make you think about how to organize and categorize the content you're saving. These tools create a dilemma. On the one hand, if you spend time planning a notes hierarchy and then meticulously adhering to it, the cost of saving an individual item in real time becomes prohibitive, so you end up not using the tool. On the other hand, if you skip the work of organizing, it becomes difficult to find and use the content you save when you need it most.

Knovigator solves this by recognizing that you've already done the work of categorizing the content you've found when you composed the search query that found it. Knovigator makes it effortless to tag the search results you've curated with the search query you used to find it. This makes it easy to find things when you need them because your future search query is likely to match the one you've tagged it with.

Knovigator notes are called "quests". Quests are just lists of search results you found and saved, titled by the search queries you used to find them. These threads represent a curated search history of your best content.

In the Knovigator webapp, when you beigin writing a new note, Knovigator searches your previous quests in real time, immediately suggesting the relevant results. Making it easy to actually reference the content you're saving. This allows you to review any of your existing, relevant notes at the moment when you are working on your task, whether you are learning something new, writing something down for later, or brainstorming ideas.


Curating knowledge is valuable work and Knovigator makes it effortless to share it with others by sharing it to a public feed or by creating teams to share it with specific groups of people in your personal or professional life.

Each research thread lives at its own URL making it extremely easy to share, and each thread can branch other threads off of it, making it easy to discuss and compose threads into larger projects.

Knovigator allows you to create Teams with their own private feeds so that you can publish and discuss your research with your family, friends or coworkers creating a shared learning space.