About Us

Dmitriy Fabrikant, CEO, has worked at several startups before setting out on his own. Having seen the challenges of surfacing relevant knowledge in groups both large and small, Dmitriy set out to implement his vision of how humans could collaborate to learn and create together.

Luke Bayas, CTO, is a startup veteran with experience in both building and leading in Tech. Luke's focus on performance and security gives Knovigator a platform through which it can help its users feel confident in pursuing knowledge together.

Daniel Ruvinsky, COO, experienced both the Startup and Enterprise worlds through his expertise in software integration, customer success, and quality assurance infrastructure. Daniel's work in Operations provides the structure and feedback that allows Knovigator to focus on its mission of surfacing knowledge for individuals and organizations.


Knovigator is created by Cryptograf, LLC, a Boston-based company with contributors from all over the world. For more information contact dmitriy@knovigator.com.