Save & Share Search


Everytime you research something online you're repeating work someone has already done.

Knovigator keeps research DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) by letting you save the searches you launch and the results you find.

Saved results are anonymously shared with the Knovigator community when they launch similar searches.

Let's stop doing the same work over and over again, and lets stand on each others shoulders.

Search & Save

24 secs

Install the Knovigator Chrome extension to generate tags as you search.

Save web pages using the generated tags to easily find them later.

Annotate w/ Search

27 secs

Attach your research to the web-page which inspired it.

Visitors to this webpage will see and benefit from your research.

Share by Default

33 secs

Curated results are anonymously pooled and shown in future searches.

Share searches and collected results from one place via email.